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Posted By : kikki - 6/19/2013 10:28 PM
hello im new to ran <need help> haha here are my Questions!
wanna know what stones best for ++ armor and weapon? what is Zero ring and its function?
and what is the different between bail & ganil (powder-piece? where can i find them?
lastly who is Jack <market> and whats he's doing/make? lol

Posted By : kikki - 6/25/2013 10:34 PM
bump up!

Posted By : AllenSam - 6/26/2013 9:03 PM
Burr - can upgraded a weapon to +1, +2, +3, and +4 with 100% success rate.

Protection Potion - same as Burr but for armor.

Fine Burr - Can upgrade weapon to +5, +6, +7, +8, and +9 but there is a chance of fail (no change), revert back to +0, or even destroying the weapon completely (vanish). Higher levels of upgrade increase you're chance of fail, revert, and vanish.

Luxury Protection Potion - same as Fine Burr but for armor.

EQ Protected Necklace can prevent vanish if worn while upgrading, but the item will still revert to +0.

Ganil Piece - Can upgrade weapon to +10 and +11. For +11 you must stack 2 pieces together, one try will take 2 pieces. High chance of fail, revert, and vanish.

Bail Piece - same as Ganil but for armors.

Ganil and Bail pieces are made by collecting Ganil Powder and Bail Powder. Take 5 pieces of powder to Sun-A NPC at back of market and buy 1 of each item she is selling. Then talk to her again and she will offer to combine the items into Ganil or Bail Piece.

Zero 0 Earring can prevent revert to 0 when worn while upgrading, but it will still revert back 2 numbers. Example; if you have +8 and try +9 and you get revert, it will go back to +6 instead of +0.

Weapon Grindstones - can upgrade a weapon based on a random number set. Example, Weapon Grindstone +4~+7 will upgrade your weapon to +4, +5, +6, or +7 randomly. It does not have to go in order, meaning, even if your weapon is +2, it can skip directly to +4, 5, 6, or 7.

There are different types of Grindstones. They are as follows:

Low Weapon Grindstone - can only be used by characters under level 100, usually can only upgrade +1~+6. Can revert your weapon back, meaning, if you have +5 and use +4~+6, it may revert back to +4, but no less. It may also fail and stay +5.

Weapon Grindstone - Can be used by any level and can upgrade anywhere from +3~+10, depending on the stones range. Example, there are Grindstone +4~+8, Grindstone +6~+10 etc. +4~+8 would mean +4 is the minimum and +8 is maximum. These also can revert back, but no lower than the minimum.

Reinforced Weapon Grindstone - same as normal Weapon Grindstone, but they will never revert back. Example; you have a +8 weapon and use Reinforced Weapon Grindstone +6~+10, it can either stay +8, upgrade to +9, or skip to +10, but will never revert back to +6 or +7.

Perfect Weapon Grindstone - can upgrade a weapon by 1, 2, or 3 intervals with 100% success, depending on the range. Example; Perfect Weapon Grindstone +1 will add 1 number to your current + without fail, so if you have +7 it will become +8. Perfect Weapon Grindstone +1~+2 will randomly add 1 or 2, so if you have +7, it will either become +8 or +9 randomly. I believe +1~+3 is max for this stone.

Armor Coating Oil - Same as Grindstone but for armors.

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